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MG Magazine: Wana Brands (the Power of a Brand): Tagging the Right Message

“When we say, ‘Enhance Your Life,’ what we’re really saying is cannabis doesn’t have to be the center of your universe but it can be one way to augment your life,” said Whiteman, who serves as the company’s chief executive officer. “We chose ‘Enhance Your Life’ because it speaks to what we try to provide… read more

Company Week: Wana Brands

CEO Nancy Whiteman’s market-leading THC- and CBD-infused gummies have made her a nationally recognized leader in the cannabis industry. In 2017, Whiteman’s company racked up 17 percent of the market share in Colorado of cannabis edibles, according to a report issued by BDS Analytics — making Wana the category’s leading brand in the state.… read more

The Maven: Edible Review: Wana Brands Watermelon Sour Sativa Gummies

Wana Brands produces and distributes an entire line of delicious edibles, ranging from gummies to caramels. The first time I tried a Wana Brands product was when I was touring Mindful’s cultivation facility and dispensary in Denver in February of 2016. I bought a large bottle of their “jewels” to get me through my nights and travel for… read more

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